flexible means business action!

 Hi my name is Shone. I am a creative entrepreneur, i have  online projects covering business,innovation , online marketing and  the environment.
The business marketplace has been sculptured by the forces of globalisation.
New renewable resources   are replacing old  consumables. This brings paradigm shifts in business models from supply chain management , nature and quality of products,  workforce innovation and new tools for marketing. Business leaders now have choices and decisions  based on real data and forecasts.  Those who trust in ignoring the value of business intelligence will wake up to see the nimble,agile ,customer focused enterprise take over their market dominance.
In this new fit order of creative destructive markets, businesses that are lean and responsive to change survive,its not just having huge capital but knowing where to invest .Its about aligning the business to the marketplace.Such an emic customer centric  perspective drives sustainable enterprise.
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Flexibleventures provides solutions to help  businesses survive in a changing global marketplace.
You will find on this site links to partner sites offering solutions through business innovation.
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